Production of Graphics

Livery10Fleet liveries are very specific and need to be done carefully. We can put aside the technical side of things (like applying the design to your company vehicles) and focus more on the design. People say that there is no bad advertisement, but this is not the case. Oftentimes people may not take your company or your brand seriously, if they say that you have not paid attention to details when you chose to brand your cars. How so? Imagine a poorly designed logo or livery, which hardly advertises your company, but is rather a puzzle to figure out. People won’t take time to noticeĀ what you are trying to say.

It is important that your branding is clear and well-done. Adhering to company colors is fine, but if they don’t go well with vehicles, this should not be done. Say you have magenta in your company colors. This certain color usually doesn’t go well as a main color on a vehicle. It is better if it is found only on the logo. Other such things are also important to consider.

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