Application of Livery

Livery9You may have found the perfect design and the ideal material for your company’s fleet livery, but all would be in vain if the people you trust with such a project have no experience and don’t know the proper way to apply the livery.

That is why we maintain a team of experienced wrappers, who have worked in the field for more than 15 years. They know everything there is to know about proper applications, so that the livery is impeccable and presents your company well.

To address some common concerns we have to say that the livery will in no way, shape or form damage the vehicles’ paint, it will actually preserve and protect it from minor scrapes, dust and other such occurrences. If at some point you want to change the design and apply another livery, or you want to remove it completely, you can do so easily and safely, because of our high quality adhesive material, which leaves no residue.

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